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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Birthday www

Apparently the World Wide Web is 20 years old today! 
It seems strange to think there was a time when a wealth of information, contact opportunities from email to social networking, games, downloadable music, YouTube, Google and much more wasn’t available at a click.

I certainly remember a colleague in the mid-nineties slamming it and saying it was just a phase! Back before www, we relied on faxes and the telephone especially to contact our European client although we did have a modem which connected to their phone line directly for transferring files usually to check the translation. The documents had to be in a specific form – now my poor brain can’t remember what but I know it was a dial up system and was pretty laboured.

How things changed. Email became THE way of communicating; it was fast and meant you could tick things off your list! I got into the habit of always responding to emails immediately or as fast as I could so that the sender knew I had received it and would work on their request ASAP.

Whenever the email was down it seemed like a catastrophe. We had to resort to the telephone which was fine for messages but not so good if visuals were necessary.

Just think without the World Wide Web I wouldn’t be boring any of you with this now! I wouldn’t be able to post a link to Facebook or Tweet about it and I wouldn’t be able to direct you to our website which is currently being updated to show the start of two new collections!

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