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Addicted to vintage... We are designer/makers based in the South of England with more than a slight obssession with vintage jewellery. Its past life. Its secret history...one careful owner or three? Who knows...but we just can't resist it or the urge to recycle it. Rework it. Repurpose it. Re:design it, into unique handcrafted contemporary pieces for the 21st century woman...well we can't wear all of it ourselves. That would be selfish (apparently).

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jewellery isn't always precious metals ...

Whilst jewellers usually make adornments from precious metals and gems, those attending Kinder Aggugini's show at last week's London Fashion Week had a surprise in store.

Guests found these 'handbag orchids' on their seats! According to Gemma Hayward in The Independent, Kinder felt the orchid 'best symbolised the style antithesis' that is his signature in the collection. This flower's mix of 'gritty roots' and 'charming chic blossom' fit perfectly with Kinder's prevailing inspiration for his designs - a sort of 'if Sid Vicious had married Coco Chanel'.

The handbag orchids were made for Aggugini by Creative Director Ian Drummond and his team at Indoor Garden Design who also decorated the cat walk with amazing Vanda orchids.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Wedding bouquet glitters with jewels

Reported in today's Guardian is the story of one girl's DIY wedding at a fraction of the cost of most. Interestingly there seems to be no mention of what the actual cost was!

But there are some interesting ideas. As well as asking firends to make them presents instead of buying wedding gifts, Momtaz Begum-Hossain created her 'ultimate wedding extravaganza' big day from headpiece to cake.

And here's here wedding bouquet created from jewellery donated by friends.