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Addicted to vintage... We are designer/makers based in the South of England with more than a slight obssession with vintage jewellery. Its past life. Its secret history...one careful owner or three? Who knows...but we just can't resist it or the urge to recycle it. Rework it. Repurpose it. Re:design it, into unique handcrafted contemporary pieces for the 21st century woman...well we can't wear all of it ourselves. That would be selfish (apparently).

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Visiting Stockbridge

Yesterday we met friends for lunch in Stockbridge. They have a great new bistro in this pretty little one street town, Thyme & Tides. They serve delectable simple foods and have a very tempting deli of mostly locally sourced foods.

Fresh fish is one of their big attractions and the size of the King Prawns on the fish counter were definitely another. The John Dory didn't look so happy - well his expression anyway (though I'm told they always look grumpy)!

We came away sporting locally produced chocolate orange crunch and Fig Jam - both yummy!

We walked on up the High Street visiting Garden Inn, a pretty florist cum gift shop and then to Bergman & Brown who stocked a number of trinkets that were hard to leave behind - long armed, fingerless cashmere gloves, printed velvet make bags, wire sheep and statement jewellery pieces not to mention almond perfumed soap and scented candles.

We finished our sunny stroll at the Stockbridge Gallery who specialise in 'dog art'. Dominic Gubb's recycled sculptures were great - made from recycled plastic bottles and paper bags.

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Craft Fair of craft fairs

Yesterday I visited Origin the annual Craft Council craft fair. It's a very professional and slick affair, real stands not tables, queuing round the block to get in, a trendy London location and of course and most importantly, some amazing maker/designers!ceracer

I was blown away by some of the jewellery but there were illustrators, ceramicists, textile artists, scultures and more there. I'll do some individual blogs about some of those that really caught my eye - like the girl who creates 3D art out of sweet and chocolate wrappers! Watch this space!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Repurposed knitting needles

Linda Slade based in Sydney, Australia repuposes - recycles to us - a number of things but on Etsy her real eye-catchers are knitting needle bracelets.

These are such fun. Made from 50s and 60s colourful, plastic knitting needles, they make perfect bracelets!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Getting ready to Promenade

We are busy getting ready for the Promenade exhibition - organised by Plain Arts for member artists; you can see all types of art from painting, photography, textile and jewellery displayed in shops around the town.

armcandii will share space in The Lighting Workshop in Catherine Street, Salisbury, no 19 (the pink dot!) on the street trail map. You can catch candii there from 11th - 18th September.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just for fun

We love these crayon rings from nonsuchthings blogged by Domestic Sluttery. What a great idea and you can use them to colour with. Perfect kids present or for those who don't want to grow up - or just want to doodle.

The rings are glittery and come in all sorts of colours - though you can't choose as it's a 'lucky dip' buy but they only cost £11.50! Bargain fun.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Etsy's handmade blog

Etsy have joined the Mary Portas campaign. On their blog you can read what they have to say and the comments of many designer/makers including armcandii!

we strongly believe in the campaign; we need to change the media's views so that it filters down to the general public. 'handmade' needs to be seen for its quality and skill; designer/makers as skilled and pursuing the art of handmade; fairs and markets as places to purchase goods made by hand with love and care.

Friday, 3 September 2010

This glorious necklace was made by Laura Brubaker (Bloomington, USA). It's part of a Curio collection she made for the SoFA Exhibition at Indiana University in 2009.

It's made from 'chased' sterling silver, a technique which creates a bumpy surface involving heating and beating!

Take a look at more of her work on Etsy.

Designers need to be entrepreneurs

In an article online at guardian.co.uk published on Tuesday 31st August, Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-Chief of Elle magazine, says that designers - in fashion in particular - need to be entrepreneurs not just good designers. She says that she knew Christopher Kane would be a storm when she met him first in 2006 because of his business plan!

A fair comment for all us designer-makers, it isn't just about the design and expertise in your own particular craft. We have to be as skilled in the business side of promoting our business too!