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Addicted to vintage... We are designer/makers based in the South of England with more than a slight obssession with vintage jewellery. Its past life. Its secret history...one careful owner or three? Who knows...but we just can't resist it or the urge to recycle it. Rework it. Repurpose it. Re:design it, into unique handcrafted contemporary pieces for the 21st century woman...well we can't wear all of it ourselves. That would be selfish (apparently).

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

re:designed for...Karen

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but apparently other people are getting married besides Will & Kate! Incredibly ordinary folk are doing it too. And with that comes guests with wedding outfit dilemmas.  

Our lovely friend Karen contacted us a couple of weeks ago and asked if we could design a necklace to compliment her outfit for a friend's wedding at the end of April. No not that wedding. Her brief: "I need something to stop it looking too safe and sloaney."

After further consultation we set about designing a necklace to do just that...

commissioned couture neckcandii
The end result: a unique hand knitted wire work necklace embellished with vintage earrings, brooch, violet and dusky pink freshwater pearls and seed beads on chain.

We are more than happy to discuss commissions. We can either re:design a vintage piece from our own collection or a special piece of your own. Get in touch via mail@armcandii.com and we'll take it from there.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New royal jewellery trends?

Only a few days until Wills marries Kate, will it be another fairytale wedding like his mother’s? And what jewellery will adorn the bride on her big day?

We all know that Kate has Princess Di’s engagement ring – an 18 carat gold ring bearing a beautiful blue sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. Wills is quoted as wanting to keep her memory alive and all the good things and good work that she did.

The fairytale princess reigned until 1997 when she died tragically. We all hope Kate’s marriage will be happier and last much longer!

We eagerly await to see what trends and style-setting Kate will start with her wedding jewellery.