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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Artistic friends and new concepts

You often see cafes or restaurants where the art work is for sale but a friend has been able to show off her design skills by designing a room for a hotel!

Laura Luck was invited to decorate a room in Artists Residence Hotel and Gallery in the centre of Brighton. Her room is called The Watchers and as you can see from the image here it is bright and colourful with a number of curious creatures watching over you as you sleep!

The hotel website describes the room: ‘Effortless paintings of Japanese inspired cherry blossom trees inhabited by quirky little creatures surround an elegant four poster bed. The room leads to a balcony with a gorgeous view of the sea and the West Pier.’

There are a total of eleven rooms all decorated by different artists.

Laura found out this week that hers ‘is the most booked out room in the hotel, with people coming back to stay in it every year for weeks on end’. Laura commented, “Pretty chuffed about that!”

armcandii met Laura Luck, an Australian artist living and working mostly in Brighton at a Guerilla Market a couple of years ago. She has exhibited work in New York, London, Rome, Sydney, Canada, Melbourne and Zagreb. Her work delves into the mythology of modern life and its affect on us.

Loving your work Laura!

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